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Working with Synergy:

Information for Appraisers

To Appraisers, our commitment is to add value for your business, too. Synergy Appraisal Services attracts clients, relieving marketing and business development pressures. We pay competitive fees, promptly, so our appraisers don't have to administer and collect receivables. Expert QC Reviewers are eager to help solve challenging valuation problems and our friendly Account Managers treat appraisal staff with the professional courtesy and respect they deserve.

It's well known that work quality varies widely among Appraisers. Our panel of expert local appraisers leverage their in-depth market knowledge and keen analytical skills to develop credible appraisals and reviews, which are well supported and reported.

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keepING you on PACE to succeed & achieve your business goals

Professionalism: Appraisal licensing requirements for education, experience, and knowledge have never been greater. We never forget our appraisers' achievements and expertise. Synergy Appraisal Services treats everyone with professional courtesy and respect for the very important work they contribute. Appraisers matter to us!

Attitude: We want to be helpful and the best in the business! Delivering good service to Clients is something our appraisers strive for every day, and Synergy Appraisal Services is dedicated to that success. Access problems, miscommunication, property issues, research constraints and service delays challenge Appraisers daily. We take the team approach so appraisers never have to struggle alone. Our Account Managers and QC Reviewers are active service partners who are happy to help resolve challenges, increase productivity and generate more income.

Compensation: Beyond providing value-added services for our Appraisers' businesses, Synergy Appraisal Services also seeks to pay reasonable appraisal fees. We do this by operating efficiently to minimize our administrative, management and technology costs. Synergy seeks out long-term, mutually profitable business relationships. Significant contributions should be rewarded with reasonable fees and repeat business.

Ethics: Synergy Appraisal Services believes in the fundamental importance of an ethical, independent real estate valuation services profession. The credit, economic, and housing crises that have adversely impacted our nation over the last several years reinforce the importance of having ethical Appraisers. We comply fully with Dodd-Frank's Section 1472, "Appraiser Independence" provisions. Our compliant processes ensure our appraisers are not coerced or unduly influenced by anyone during the appraisal process.