Lending organizations are directly responsible for appraisal quality—as a fundamental component of credit quality and risk management—and for operating a compliant appraisal function. Since appraisal is a technical function, specialized knowledge is required to successfully navigate the significant financial and reputational risks of non-compliance.

In addition, loan repurchase demands continue to adversely impact some of our Customers. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have redoubled their efforts to compel lenders to buy-back loans. Appraisal quality is now undergoing closer scrutiny at the GSE’s than ever before. A higher volume of loan repurchase demands poses unacceptable risk for lending organizations.

It’s time for lenders to take additional actions to mitigate risk by actively improving appraisal quality & ensuring compliant practices

Synergy Appraisal Services helps organizations effectively manage compliance, mitigate risk, fund faster and reduce repurchase demands. But achieving those positive results is only half of the equation. Long-term success also depends on aligning with a trusted appraisal management partner which can respond appropriately on your behalf.

At Synergy Appraisal Services we believe in doing things right the first time from start to finish. Only local, reputable and qualified appraisers are considered for each assignment. Before each report is delivered it undergoes a comprehensive compliance and quality control process. Our QC Completeness Checks are performed by appraisers at no charge to ensure each appraisal is complete, well-reported and satisfies the client’s underwriting requirements. Since our reports are quality control checked before delivery revisions are reduced and you can fund faster.

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