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Synergy Appraisal Services specializes in providing high-quality appraisals and reviews, prompt service and competitive TRID friendly pricing. Synergy offers an array of residential valuations services for first and second mortgage production, asset management, forensic review, litigation, loan QC, marketing, repurchase negotiation and tax appeal purposes.

Review Expertise

For customers performing loan QC or negotiating repurchase demands, we have a specialized panel of reviewers with expertise in forensic valuation services. We offer retrospective field reviews to determine the reliability of an origination appraisal report (OAR), as well as to evaluate the reasonableness of repurchase demands. In addition, our comprehensive desk reconciliation review and field reconciliation review products can critique multiple valuation services, reconcile them to a well-supported value opinion, and be used effectively during negotiations to reduce losses from repurchase demands.



  • 1004 Single Family URAR

  • 1004 Single Family FHA

  • 1004C Manufactured Home

  • 1004D: Appraisal Update and/or Final Inspection Report

  • 1025 Multi-Family (2-4)

  • 1073 Condominium

  • 1075 Exterior Condominium

  • 2055 Exterior Single Family

  • 2075 Desktop Underwriter Property Inspection Report

  • 2090 Cooperative Interest

  • 2095 Exterior Cooperative Interest

  • 2000 Single Family Field Review

  • Desk Reviews

  • Catastrophic Disaster Area Property Inspection Report

  • Draw Inspections

  • Real Estate Owned (REO)

  • Vacant Land

Alternate Valuation Products

If you need a valuation that is faster and more economical than a full appraisal, our alternate product offerings can also help with your QC and compliance review needs.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Economical, quick means to value alternate than that of a full appraisal.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Estimated value of a property as determined by a licensed Realtor. Faster and more economical than a full appraisal, a BPO is based on external characteristics of the property.

Property Condition Report (PCR)

Ensure the property is in typical condition for the neighborhood, especially after a disaster or long-term vacancy. Our PCR includes a photograph, and can be combined with an AVM.

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