Quality comes first, matters most and endures longest.

Synergy Appraisal Services employs a quality control process to ensure our customers receive well supported valuation services which are also properly reported. Many competitors use software screening, which is marginally effective at best, while we employ a level of human judgment with Licensed and Certified Appraisers that no program can match. Our valuation services pass through a QC Completeness Check with many revisions corrected before final delivery to clients. We are so adamant about quality being an essential component of our value-added service that QC Completeness Checks are provided at no charge.

In addition to the QC Completeness Check, our expert appraisers specialize in review practice. Synergy Appraisal Services offers comprehensive review appraisals compliant with USPAP Standard 3: Appraisal Review, Development and Reporting. Our Desk, Desk Reconciliation, Field, and Field Reconciliation Reviews provide the assurance needed regarding credible value opinions, as well as fulfilling audit requirements for quality control sampling and risk mitigation for repurchase demands.

Compliance Has Become Complicated & Costly

Appraisal is a technical specialty. Without specific functional training, staff responsible for the appraisal function may not be fully aware of the significant financial costs and severe reputational risks associated with non-compliance. Lenders may unintentionally incur compliance violations unless the institution has a specialized functional team to administer, assign, communicate, compensate and manage appraisers, and unless a lending institution has review appraisers on staff, it is unlikely to be effective at evaluating appraisal quality and compliance as required by Dodd-Frank’s Mandatory Reporting provision.

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